about the Bar European Group

BEG was founded in 1977 as a Specialist Bar Association of the Bar of England and Wales. It is a forum for practitioners and academics to attend meetings, talks, conferences and other social events for those whose area of practice or interest is European law and issues concerning the European Union. We have a representative on the Bar Council in our capacity as a Specialist Bar Association. We are consulted by the Bar, the Ministry of Justice, the Law Commission and the House of Lords Select Committee on issues concerning European law.

BEG’s membership is predominantly comprised of barristers, but also includes Judges, solicitor advocates, government lawyers, academics and students. Members either practise or share an interest in the area of European law. We hold a series of meetings throughout the year on relevant topics. In addition, BEG organises and hosts an annual Elland Lecture in memory of the late William Elland, chairman of the Group in 1992, who died during his term of office.

The highlight of the year for many members of BEG is the annual Conference. It is now a long-established tradition that the conference takes place in another Member State of the European Union or neighbouring European country. Recent conferences have taken place in Taormina, Heraklion and Gdansk.

Below is a list of our previous BEG presidents, vice-presidents, chairs and conferences.

BEG Presidents

1987-1994Lord Templeman
1994-2018Rt Hon Sir John Laws
2018-presentLord Lloyd-Jones

BEG Vice-Presidents

1990-2018David Vaughan CBE QC
2018-presentRt Hon Lord Justice Green

BEG Chairs

1977-1980David Vaughan (co-founder with Stephen O’Malley)
1980-1982Stephen O’Malley
1982-1984Clare Tritton
1984-1986Anthony Thompson
1986-1988Alan Tyrell
1988-1990Richard Behar
1990-1992Bill Elland (died in office)
1992-1994Conor Quigley
1994-1996Gerald Barling
1996-1998Nicholas Paines
1998-1999Peter Duffy (died in office)
1999-2001Nicholas Green
2001-2003James Goudie
2003-2004Eleanor Sharpston
2004-2005David Lloyd Jones (appointed to the Bench 2005)
2005-2007Alex Layton
2007-2009Paul Lasok
2009-2011Mark Brealey
2011-2013Tom de la Mare
2013-2015Tim Ward
2015-2016Stephen Morris (appointed to the Bench 2016)
2016-2018Marie Demetriou
2018-2020Kieron Beal
2020-2022Philip Moser
2022-Jessica Simor

Previous BEG annual spring conferences

1987Brussels, Belgium
1988Paris, France
1989Stuttgart, Germany
1990Rome, Italy
1991Edinburgh, United Kingdom
1992Dublin, Ireland
1993Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1994Prague, Czech Republic
1995Seville, Spain
1996Vienna, Austria
1997Strasbourg, France
1998Cracow, Poland
1999Trier, Germany (and CJEU visit, Luxembourg)
2000Rhodes, Greece (Millennium conference held jointly with ALBA)
2001Budapest, Hungary
2002Stresa, Italy
2003Stockholm, Sweden
2004Valletta, Malta
2005Limassol, Cyprus
2006Ljubljana, Slovenia
2007Rome, Italy
2008Istanbul, Turkey
2009Toledo, Spain
2010Paris, France
2011Athens, Greece
2012Porto, Portugal
2013Dubrovnik, Croatia
2014Sorrento, Italy
2015Reykjavik, Iceland
2016Taormina, Italy
2017Crete, Greece
2018San Sebastian, Spain
2019Gdansk, Poland
2020Granada, Spain (cancelled due to Covid-19), held online in the Autumn
2021held online, due to Covid-19
2022Salzburg, Austria