2008 Bar European Group Annual Conference

25th - 26th May 2008 – Istanbul
“Adjusting to Change”

After the successful 2007 Conference celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the Treaty of Rome in the Eternal City itself, we held the 2008 Annual Conference in Rome’s successor – Istanbul, the former capital of two empires that spanned Europe and Asia. The Conference Programme offered a stimulating range of sessions and  the opportunity to polish off a sizeable number of CPD points in one fell swoop (9 points). It was accompanied by a high-quality social programme, details of both of which are included below.

Draft programme for the conference

2008 Conference Announcement (Word)

2008 Conference Programme (Word)

2008 Conference Social Programme (Word)

2008 Conference Registration Form (Word)

Useful Information

2008 Conference Hotel booking Form (Excel)

2008 Conference Alternative Hotels (Word)

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